Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Buying and Giving Away

Couldn't resist on Saturday. Yet again, the lure of the thrift. Didn't get much, really. A couple of lovely, light sweaters in jewel tones--red and turquoise. Very thin and v-necked with a thread of glitter running through them--must wear a camisole under them because of their gauziness. Then, a pink cotton blouse with beautiful pearl buttons up the front and roses stitched into the fabric. And a slightly sheer short-sleeve top, in a red and black print. I have some other tops somewhat like it and really love them. All in fabulous condition. And 50% off.

I resisted other things quite well, though. The small porcelain Chinese box in an earth shade with a dragon on the lid. The plum cotton top with the draped front. The black lightly quilted jacket cinched a bit at the waist that looked fabulous with my jeans. Oh, and there was a Beatles album, a Jeff Buckley cd which I couldn't remember if I had or not, K.D. Lang--her voice gets me every time. I'm looking for clear glass apothecary jars. May have to break down and buy them new from Marshall's.

The Chandler Goodwill is a nightmare. I don't like going in that one on Saturdays because there are always too many people inside. I am trying to stop going in any of them at all when I don't have money. Which seems to be a lot of the time these days. I had to clean out my closet the other night, get rid of clothes I haven't worn in a year or more. Mostly winter stuff, sweaters and pajamas and sweats. It felt good to clean out my closet, house, and car, though. Also got rid of various and sundry junk items that had been sitting in the trunk for a year.

They say when you need a breath of fresh air, when you need change to happen, to start cleaning and getting rid of stuff in your house. I couldn't agree more. Now, I just have to actually clean the house, too . . . if I could only get out of this physical tiredness rut I've been in. Depression can really take the wind out of you.